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Painter Alexander Spivak
The Official Site of Alexander "Sasha" Spivak
Ars phantastica by Sergei Aparin - The Artist Painter
We can describe Sergei Aparin's paintings as: enigmatic, metaphysical, fantastic, surreal, magical, mystical or as a dream, fiction, figuration...
Sorin's Photo-realistic Oil Paintings
Over 400 exclusive paintings in photorealistic, realistic and impressionistic styles. ART catalogue, purchase & sale of paintings, painting lessons.
Iurie Burlacu's impressionistic oil painting
Impressionistic oil paintings by Moldavian artist specializing in floral and still life. Includes biography and contact information.
Realistic Oil Paintings Gallery of Mihailov Igor
The artist, he tries to be loyal to the nature and,at the same time he tries to see in the every day life something unusual, beautiful and brightful...
Leon Engelen oil paintings
Visit the art of Leon Engelen: photographically detailed landscape and animal oil paintings, using classical techniques. The site offers a valuable painting course, as well as an extensive virtual gallery.
Realistic Oil Paintings of TURCHIN Oleg
Moldavian artist who paints realistic works with oil on canvas. Includes gallery, biography. (English, Russian and Romanian)
The Eternal Diogenes
Verdirosi is an Italian artist and poet whose inspirational artwork is a metaphysical argument in words an images, a treasure trove full of painted dreams and unusual imaginations
Arts-Fine Original Paintings for sale
Online Gallery of Artist Samuel Durkin
Multiple Media Art by Terry Reynoldson
Functional Stone provides images of Terry Reynoldson's life cast figures, sculptures, paintings, performance art and site specific installations.

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